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Urbane - adjective, confident, comfortable and polite in social situations.

Urban - adjective, of or in a city or town.

I will not ask you to eat grass; I assume that you all live in houses, go to school or work and live normal lives. I will point out the vast amount of plums, cherries, apples, pears, and nuts  that are just waiting to be eaten. This bounty will cost you absolutely nothing.

It does seem crazy that people crush fruit under their tyres on the way to the supermarket.  People seem to have forgotten that fruit does grow on trees and that whether you live in the countryside, or in a large city like I do, there are always trees nearby. To learn all about this, follow my BLOG! and please, help to spread the word about the Urbane Forager website.

This page will change according to the seasons, offering tips on what to look for and how best to pick and preserve your fruity booty. Of course, lots of the it will be eaten as it gets picked, which is part of the fun; but so much is available that it is good to save some for later.


I have been very busy during the winter, writing a book based on the Urbane Forager project. The book is designed to be used, to help people get outside, identify and gather from your local fruit and nut trees. The book covers all the fruity fun and recipes mentioned here plus it is packed with extra information. It is currently with a designer and will be published soon. If you require any further information about this exciting new development, please contact us here or through the Blog.

What to watch for through the year
  • ElderFlowers/Elderberry

    Elderflowers traditionally indicate the transition of Spring into Summer. Elderflower Cordial, the and delicate Elderflower Champagne make the perfect picnic drink.
    Elderberries ripen in August/September as Summer slides toward Autumn and can be made into all kinds of preserves and my favourite Port.

  • Cherries

    Cherries ripen on the very trees Late June - July. These ornamental  trees are native to the UK and very common, almost everywhere. They are frequently seen in parks and lining roads in the cities. Pick them as soon as they turn dark red/black; you'll need to be quick to beat the birds to it.

  • Plums, Many Types

    During the Summer months Plums will be growing in the hedgrows. There are many different types including, mirabells, damson, greengage and bullace. They can be red, orange, green, purple, yellow or red. They will begin to ripen during July/August.

  • Blackberries

    For many people blackberries are the beginning and the end of foraging but there is so much more out there to be picked and eaten. They ripen during August/September and are so perfect for summer holiday walks in the country or even in the city. Tasty to eat and easy to bake with but watch out for those thorns!

  • Hazel & Walnuts

    In the early autumn months nuts like Hazel and Walnuts ripen and begin to fall. These little brown beauties are very common, healthy and versatile; they can be eaten straight off, combined with other ingredietns for cooking or storred for use later in the winter.

  • Apples and Pears

    Look out for apple and pear trees as they bust into bloom around April / May. You can often spot "wild" trees in the hedgerows or neglected trees on common ground or in parks. During September/October you will be able to see the fruit ripening on the branches.

  • Chestnuts

    Sweet Chestnuts (more useful than conkers) will be dropping onto the floor soon. I personally think they are best roasted over a roaring fire or BBQ but an oven would do. Watch out for those spiky shells though, open them with your feet/shoes.

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