The Urbane Forager

What The Urbane Forager Hopes to Achieve

We encourage and actively promote an awareness of healthy outdoor activity, a closer observation of nature and general environmental inquisitiveness for parents and more specifically children.

We achieve this by reconnecting people with the food that they eat, through knowledge of where fruit comes from - how and when you can find it for free in your area and also its preparation and use.

We have successfully campaigned for a Community Orchard in Mansbridge, Southampton. Permission for the Orchard has been granted by the Southampton City Council via the ancient Court Leet.  We work with other local communities including the Woodcraft Folk, Transition Network, Orchard network, local wildlife photographer Bob Painton and the Art House Café. 
We need friendly volunteers and people not afraid of taking part in an exciting and beneficial social enterprise. A community orchard will help add cohesion and mutual respect across the whole community, from youngest, to the oldest. By working together, we can make this happen. 
We have now added our found fruit tree locations to the  International Fruit Tree Map. This is an open access map and anyone can use or contribute to it.

In the short term we intend to have some fun and pick lots of free fruit. To this end we are arranging, in association with Eastleigh Transition Network, a Foraging Picknik. If you would like to join in, send me an email as a contact and you will be informed of any future free events. To find out more follow the link.

Till then... Bring Back Scrumping!

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