The Urbane Forager

Flash Foraging Picknik

This brings a radically new concept to fruit picking but the Urbane Forager is no Luddite, has no fear of innovation and also it sounds like lots of fruit picking fun. So in partnership with my new partner in crime, Greg of Eastleigh Transition Network, we are laying plans for a Flash Foraging Picknik!

It works like this - you give us your contact, then we text you when we are all ready. We all meet up at a designated spot, pick lots of apples, pears, plums (or whatever is in season and available) and then we have a picnic. So don’t forget – sandwiches, drink, suitable containers and a blanket to catch fruit in first and then to sit on etc. etc.

Other ideas that came up were...
Flash Foraging Cycle Rides – get a basket on your bike, or bring some bags and we’ll go pick some wild food!

Flash Foraging Cider Making – come and pick some apples with us, we’ll go to a kitchen, mash them up and make some cider or apple juice. This works for pears too!

Visit the Eastleigh Transition Network site here for more details or mail us on if you want to be a part of this new and fun idea.

We are aim to go apple picking on September 17th and 24th, so get in touch soon if you want to join us on our exploits.

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