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Posted by Veera on 02/09/2015

Love this web site and all the recipes!

Posted by kip on 13/06/2015

Alan, Many thanks for your talk and walk on urbane foraging at the ART HOUSE, Saturday 13 June 2015. May I wish you every success with your book! kip - PHOTOS on facebook - Kip Miller & via ART HOUSE

Posted by Suzanne on 27/07/2012

Really enjoyed your presentation / talk yesterday evening - nicely interactive with great photos, helpful handouts, clear demonstrations and even PLUM TASTING! Great family fun. Thank You to all.

Posted by Ruth Hazlitt on 26/07/2012   Email

What a great talk at the Art House Southampton this evening and so ably supported by the young brother and sister. The plums were delicious thank you and the hazel nuts ace!

Posted by Suz on 21/07/2011

What a great campaign, and website with some fantastically deliciously-looking fruity photos!

Posted by Alan on 16/05/2011

Hi Guys It might be best to wait until September ;-) Having said that - Elderflowers are out right now. You can both come over for some cordial or Champagne soon...

Posted by Gareth Atkinson on 15/05/2011   Email

Nice work Alan - Laura and I are going over to Pear Tree Green now for a walk to see what we can get!

Posted by Rev. Max on 03/04/2011

"Food for free" by Richard Mabey is the best guide.

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