The Urbane Forager

Fruit Map & Cropping Service

The aim of our mutual fruit cropping service is to help people who either do not use or are too elderly to pick surplus fruit in their gardens. This helps prevents a build-up of rotten fruit on your garden or pavement. Also, as we are happy to share the fruit we pick with the occupant, it enables elderly people to benefit from produce from their own gardens.

We will eat, process, preserve or otherwise put to good use your surplus fruit. Please though, do tell us in advance of the fruit ripening, so that we can be suitably prepared. We are unable to remove rotten produce from your garden, but if you do have a compost heap, we could clear your windfalls into it.

This service is offered free of charge for local homes, by mutual agreement, with no legal obligation to either party. We are based in Southampton but may be able to put interested people from other areas in contact with you. You can contact us via this website.

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Global Fruit Map
The Urbane Forager's Fruit trees are now all added to the Falling Fruit Map We want to encourage friends and followers of this website and Blog to add their own found tree locations onto the map too, it's very easy to do...

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